Strategy 2015-2020

Foundations and Peoples columns



  • We will continue to specialise in science, engineering, medicine and business. This is the foundation on which we build our future.
  • We will maintain world-class core academic disciplines. All research and education must be underpinned by a deep understanding of the fundamentals.
  • We will encourage multidisciplinary research. Only by bringing together expertise from different disciplines can we solve today’s global challenges.
  • We will embed our educational experience in a vibrant, research-led, entrepreneurial environment. By learning alongside researchers who are experts in their fields our students gain the practical, entrepreneurial and intellectual skills to tackle societal problems.
Researchers in the Dallman lab working with zebrafish


Partners and Enablers columns

Signing of an MoU with Caterpillar


  • We will strengthen collaboration with business, academia, and non-profit, healthcare and government institutions across the globe. No university can achieve excellence or realise the full benefits of its work by itself.
  • We will inform decision makers to influence policy. Our excellence, breadth of knowledge, connections and London location allow us to bring together and inform key decision makers in governments and industries for the benefit of society.
  • We will share the wonder and importance of what we do. Collaboration with the public, schools and our local communities fosters a shared passion for and understanding of our work.
Clinical Phenome Centre